Whether you have received flowers to mark a special moment or have brought a bouquet into your home as a gift to yourself, it’s natural to want to make your arrangement last longer. Part of what makes flowers so special is that they don’t last forever, but these easy tips will help you enjoy the fresh vibrancy of your blooms for a few extra days.

Cut and Prune

The first thing you should do when you bring cut flowers home is to cut the stems. Using sharp shears, cut one or two inches of the stem off. Cut at an angle so that the stem isn’t sitting flat on the bottom of your vase – this will help your flowers take in more water.

By trimming your flowers every few days, you can continue to keep them looking fresh.

You should also remove any leaves that are touching the water. This will help your bouquet look much nicer as well as prevent bacterial growth. Each day, you should check your flowers for dead or loose leaves and remove them.

Share Your Soda

The sugar in soda helps blossoms last longer, but you don’t need to pour a whole can of Sprite into your vase! Using less than half a cup of soda and filling the rest with water is more than enough to keep your flowers fresh. Plus, this has the added benefit of helping your flowers smell even sweeter.

Keep in mind that you should also be changing the water for your arrangement every two days, so you will need to add more soda each time you change the water.

Keep Your Flowers In Cooler Areas of Your Home

Cut flowers love cooler temperatures. Keeping your flowers away from warmer areas in your home, especially away from the heat of direct sunlight, will help them last longer.

Order From A Trusted Florist

There is a reason flowers from a florist last longer than a bouquet that you get from the grocery store.

In addition to having the proper tools to keep flowers looking their best, a store that is dedicated to flowers is going to have better conditions so you get the best quality flowers when you order your arrangement.

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