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Dramatic & Glorious Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies, with their large, vibrant blossoms are a staple in the cut flower world. Looking almost too amazing to be real, this flower comes in a rainbow of vibrant colours – sunny yellow, pure white, pretty pinks (both light and hot), vivid red, brilliant orange, lovely lavender and soft peach, making it one of the five most popular cut flowers in the entire world along with roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and tulips.

Native to South Africa but found in just about every country on earth, the Gerbera Daisy is both a member of the daisy family and also related to sunflowers and marigolds. The genus name, Gerbera was named in honor of the 18th century German naturalist, Traugott Gerbera.

Gerbera Daisies are beloved for their brilliance and timeless beauty. There are different patterns and forms of blooms; some have so many layers of petals that they look like miniature sunflowers. Along with the wide variety of petal colours, there is also variation in center eye color of the bloom with green, cream, or dark brown being the most common.


Special Symbolism

Since Victorian times, a special meaning has been attached to flowers. Each flower or flower colour is a symbolic representation of an emotion or expression. In nature, the Gerbera Daisy is a favourite with bees and butterflies giving it the symbol of purity, innocence, beauty and cheerfulness. Its colour variations have individual meanings as well:

Yellow Gerbera Flower:  Joy, happiness and energy
Red Gerbera Flower:   Love and dedication
Pink Gerbera Flower:   Inspiration and kind regards
White Gerbera Flower:   Purity, virtue and simplicity
Orange Gerbera Flower:   Sunshine and brightness
Purple Gerbera Flower:   Admiration and respect

The Gerbera Daisy is also the astrological flower for Scorpios and the birth month flower for those born in April.


Perfect Flower for All Occasions

A bouquet of Gerbera Daisies is the perfect choice to lighten the spirits and give hope. Along with having a very long vase life, these dynamic and dramatic blossoms create a stunning display of colour and delight either on their own or with a mixture of other flowers. Their cheerful look brightens any location and makes any day special.

Available all year round, every season and every occasion can be delightfully captured by this wonderful, versatile flower.


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Air Purifying Benefits of Indoor Green Plants

Green plants are a wonderful addition to any home or work environment. Not only do they enhance the overall appearance of a space, but they have also been shown to boost moods, increase creativity, reduce stress and eliminate air pollutants.

Lighting, whether natural sunlight or artificial light, is the main criteria you need to consider before choosing your plants. Some plants require lots of natural light, while others can exist quite happily in low or artificial lighting.

Another thing you may wish to consider when choosing plants is their air purifying capabilities. In 1989, NASA produced a Clear Air Study in which they determined the best indoor plants for removing toxins and improving air quality.

The following is a list of some of these easy to care for air purifying plants, along with their lighting requirements.

English Ivy
:   Bright indirect light. (Note: NASA claims this is the number one indoor houseplant when it comes to air purifiers.)

Pothos or Golden Pothos:   Moderate to low light.

Peace Lily:   Low light

Philodendron:   Bright, indirect sunlight

Boston Fern:   Indirect sunlight near a window

Areca Palms:   Bright, filtered sunlight to low light

Snake Plant:   Any light level, from low to high

Spider Plant:   Bright, indirect sunlight to low light


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Three Reasons To Fill Your Life With Flowers

If you’re only bringing flowers into your life on special occasions, you’re missing out on all the ways flowers and plants can improve your life.

In addition to creating scenes of beauty in your home, office, or garden, here are three reasons you should make enjoying plants and flowers a regular part of your life.

They have a positive impact on your mental health

When you’re outdoors, how do you feel?

If you’re like many people, a little fresh air and greenery helps boost your mood. There’s a reason activities like camping, hiking, and gardening are all so popular: they connect you with nature.

Studies have shown that adding plants and flowers to your living space mimics the feeling you get when you’re outdoors. Even if you’re not an “outdoorsy” person, the natural scents and colours of flowers can:

  • Help you relax
  • Foster your creativity
  • Revitalize your energy
  • Boost your mood

They support your physical health

There’s a reason flowers make great “Get Well Soon” gifts.

People who are relaxed tend to heal faster than those who are stressed out. When you’re not feeling well, flowers can help promote healing so you feel better, sooner.

Plants and flowers also help improve concentration and memory. This isn’t just a benefit of being relaxed (though that helps your memory, too) but because plants add oxygen to the air. That’s part of the reason so many offices and workplaces add plants to their decor – relaxed, happy employees are more productive.

Humidity is another health benefit of flowers. While it’s not the same as using a humidifier, plants and flowers do naturally add humidity to dry spaces. This can help keep your throat and sinuses from being dry.

They improve your relationships

Think of the last time you received flowers.

Were you celebrating an occasion? Or maybe you were in need of comfort. Maybe it was just a surprise gift out of the blue.

Whatever the reason, you probably felt pretty special.

Giving and receiving flowers as gifts is a thoughtful way to show you care. Whether it’s celebrating big moments or showing support through life’s tough times, flowers are a reminder that someone is thinking of you. In addition to all the mental and physical health benefits, that knowledge can create stronger friendships and relationships.

Whether you’re looking to brighten your workspace, remind someone that you care, or simply fill your home with flowers that will create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, flowers are the answer.


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How To Make Flowers Last Longer

Whether you have received flowers to mark a special moment or have brought a bouquet into your home as a gift to yourself, it’s natural to want to make your arrangement last longer. Part of what makes flowers so special is that they don’t last forever, but these easy tips will help you enjoy the fresh vibrancy of your blooms for a few extra days.

Cut and Prune

The first thing you should do when you bring cut flowers home is to cut the stems. Using sharp shears, cut one or two inches of the stem off. Cut at an angle so that the stem isn’t sitting flat on the bottom of your vase – this will help your flowers take in more water.

By trimming your flowers every few days, you can continue to keep them looking fresh.

You should also remove any leaves that are touching the water. This will help your bouquet look much nicer as well as prevent bacterial growth. Each day, you should check your flowers for dead or loose leaves and remove them.

Share Your Soda

The sugar in soda helps blossoms last longer, but you don’t need to pour a whole can of Sprite into your vase! Using less than half a cup of soda and filling the rest with water is more than enough to keep your flowers fresh. Plus, this has the added benefit of helping your flowers smell even sweeter.

Keep in mind that you should also be changing the water for your arrangement every two days, so you will need to add more soda each time you change the water.

Keep Your Flowers In Cooler Areas of Your Home

Cut flowers love cooler temperatures. Keeping your flowers away from warmer areas in your home, especially away from the heat of direct sunlight, will help them last longer.

Order From A Trusted Florist

There is a reason flowers from a florist last longer than a bouquet that you get from the grocery store.

In addition to having the proper tools to keep flowers looking their best, a store that is dedicated to flowers is going to have better conditions so you get the best quality flowers when you order your arrangement.

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Bringing Nature Home

The beauty and symbolism of flowers and plants have always evoked a deep emotional response from people of all cultures.

They are dulcet emblems of the natural world. A world that increasingly calls to our inner psychic need for connection to the natural rhythms of life as expressed so eloquently and beautifully in the entire life cycle of flowers and plants.

Like the ancient Chinese who could contemplate the whole cosmos embodied in a few blossoms or branch – or the traditional Japanese “tokonoma” a niche built specifically to display a carefully designed flower arrangement and calligraphic scroll for meditation and contemplation. We have come to know what every avid gardener knows – flowers and plants not only feed the senses but the more importantly, the soul.

In the present day, modern high-tech environments that we work and live in, there is a special need to bring natures peace, beauty and nourishing qualities into them.

Most experts now agree that indoor air pollution is a major problem.

Building managers, architects and engineers are more and more diligently monitoring mechanical components, design elements using carpets, paints and furnishings with lower emissions, and working to ensure movement of air throughout buildings to become environmentally more responsible.

…… A further step would be to include the design of foliage and floral plants into each building to help provide an environment that mimics the way that nature cleans the earth’s atmosphere. Not only is it pleasing aesthetically but would significantly contribute in ensuring healthy air quality as plants remove toxins from the indoor environment.

“Green buildings” are becoming more popular. Studies of interactions between plants and people have provided overwhelming evidence that plants have a measurable beneficial effect on people and the spaces they inhabit.

All forms of life weave an intricate web of interdependency upon one another.

Plants and flowers do not merely please our eyes with colour and our mouths with delicious fruits but they selflessly and silently eat up what is impure an injurious to ourselves in the atmosphere.

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