The beauty and symbolism of flowers and plants have always evoked a deep emotional response from people of all cultures.

They are dulcet emblems of the natural world. A world that increasingly calls to our inner psychic need for connection to the natural rhythms of life as expressed so eloquently and beautifully in the entire life cycle of flowers and plants.

Like the ancient Chinese who could contemplate the whole cosmos embodied in a few blossoms or branch – or the traditional Japanese “tokonoma” a niche built specifically to display a carefully designed flower arrangement and calligraphic scroll for meditation and contemplation. We have come to know what every avid gardener knows – flowers and plants not only feed the senses but the more importantly, the soul.

In the present day, modern high-tech environments that we work and live in, there is a special need to bring natures peace, beauty and nourishing qualities into them.

Most experts now agree that indoor air pollution is a major problem.

Building managers, architects and engineers are more and more diligently monitoring mechanical components, design elements using carpets, paints and furnishings with lower emissions, and working to ensure movement of air throughout buildings to become environmentally more responsible.

…… A further step would be to include the design of foliage and floral plants into each building to help provide an environment that mimics the way that nature cleans the earth’s atmosphere. Not only is it pleasing aesthetically but would significantly contribute in ensuring healthy air quality as plants remove toxins from the indoor environment.

“Green buildings” are becoming more popular. Studies of interactions between plants and people have provided overwhelming evidence that plants have a measurable beneficial effect on people and the spaces they inhabit.

All forms of life weave an intricate web of interdependency upon one another.

Plants and flowers do not merely please our eyes with colour and our mouths with delicious fruits but they selflessly and silently eat up what is impure an injurious to ourselves in the atmosphere.